For myself, I do not believe that artists' statements touch upon what painting is really all about. I do believe in art -- in the importance of making things, looking, and creating.

Those who come to my shows and look at my art often have questions about my technique, and mistake my acrylics for oil. I alternate numerous thin layers of paint with transparent layers, creating a luminous quality.

My paintings make me happy when I wake up and see them. The colors change throughout the day, from morning to noon to afternoon to evening, and they change with the light of each season -- from spring to summer to fall to winter. I want the paintings to bring this same joy to others who see them. I paint because that is my medium for expression and for me, words have little to do with it.

People have bought my paintings to match their red couch, to complement their green rug, or to hang on their blue walls. What a good way to start an art collection!